The CEO's blog 25/3/2021

The Greek Revolution: the dawn of our modern world

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Dear Energizers




Greece and the World today celebrate and honour the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution, declared on the 25th of March 1821. A historic act that resulted in the establishment of an independent State nine years later, after the London Protocol was signed by England, France and Russia.


What makes the Greek Revolution so special, a real milestone not only for a small country that carries 4,000 years of history, but for the modern world as well?  A first answer is that it was the first national movement ever to succeed in Europe, half a century after the United States Declaration of Independence and almost at the same time as liberation movements in South America occurred. 


Greece was part of the Ottoman Empire, a huge state consisting of multiple nations conquered gradually from the beginning of the second millennium AD in East Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. This empire was practically the successor of the Byzantine Empire - dominated by the Greeks but definitely not a Greek state. The latter lasted for more than 1,000 years and was the evolution of  the eastern part of the divided Roman Empire.


The Greek Revolution was inspired by the principles of the Enlightenment: freedom, self-determination, respect and equality – principles that first rose in the Western World with the Athenian Democracy.  Greek intellectuals that were living in Western Europe transferred the light to their compatriots. The latter gained courage and strength from the ideal “Freedom or Death”.  

greece expressing gratitude, theodoros vryzakis,1858  

Their leaders in Greece and abroad made the Revolution a universal issue, although it had to do with the fight of a single nation. For the very first moment, the Greeks addressed the enlightened people and the civilised nations of Europe and requested their support.  This was the key to  success - and a second answer to the question “what makes this Revolution unique?” Powerful countries were engaged as allies and contributed substantially both in the battlefields and the diplomatic front. 

Also, the Greek Revolution and the Declaration of Independence that followed inspired several other nations. It is not a coincidence that Belgium, Italy, Germany, the Balkan countries walked on the same path in the years that followed.  Even the Turks, who were practically dominated by the powerful western allies after the fallen of the Ottoman Empire, were inspired by the bright example of a nation which they have repeatedly fought against and declared the independence of modern Turkey in 1923.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Greek Revolution was the dawn of the modern world. And it is not a coincidence that leaders from all over the planet as well as the public opinion honours this day in various ways.

But along with the above mentioned parameters, the Greek Revolution was a confirmation that no matter how small you are, no matter how big the obstacles you are dealing with are, you can always succeed  if you have faith in your principles and you are guided by a vision that is built up on what is right. 

For all those reasons, in Energean we are proud of our Greek heritage and we feel that our cultural foundation is strong enough to secure that we are evolving into a multinational leader in the East Mediterranean the ethos of which will always reflect the everlasting principles: freedom, self-determination, respect and equality.