The CEO's blog, 3/6/20

George Floyd death: no tolerance to discrimination!

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Dear Energizers,



I am reaching out to you today as I am reflecting on the latest developments in the US with a wave of anger and disgust being expressed by thousands of people that are frustrated and fed up by discrimination and inequality in the society and demand action not more words.  



The shocking video of the arrest, assault and death of another black American under the knee of a policeman is totally unacceptable and we all need to take a moment and think about what is happening in our lives, our society and our company and ensure that such behaviours are not tolerated.

At Energean we do not have operations in the US but after the Edison acquisition we will have presence in 9 European countries and bring together many different nationalities, cultures and religions.  What I aspire to achieve as our company grows, is for everyone to continue to feel part of the Energean Family, everyone to be included, everyone to be respected and treated fairly, everyone to have the right to voice their opinion without being afraid and everyone to have the opportunity to grow in the organization based on their performance, commitment and results and not their gender, sexual preference, colour of their skin or their religion. 


I want all of you to feel free to speak up if somebody is not treating you properly and help Energean be a better place to work.  Our Code of Conduct outlines our company’s guidelines for ethical behaviour and daily business conduct. It applies to the Board of Directors, all employees, Energean’s affiliated companies, joint ventures as well as contractors, agencies or consultants who act as our agents or work on our behalf.  Our Whistle-Blowing policy is there to ensure that any person raising a concern in good faith will not suffer any detrimental treatment. To demonstrate further our commitment towards safeguarding human rights within our operations, we became within 2019 a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) showing our commitment to abiding by the UNGC’s principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.


Reflecting on everything that is happening I ask each and every one of you to remember the core values that define Energean


  1. Integrity: to act honestly and consistently in interactions with others, and to act ethically and with consideration for others;
  2. Collaboration: to collaborate and support one another and to share knowledge to ensure the success of all;
  3. Communication: to promote open, honest and proactive communication within Energean;
  4. Contribution: to contribute actively towards the improvement of results, performance and efficiency;
  5. Responsibility and Respect: to take responsibility for one’s own work and give credit to others for their help;
  6. Challenge: in the framework of continuous improvement, to set aggressive goals, and take a challenge on a daily basis;
  7. Question Authority: to acknowledge the right, and exercise the obligation, to ask questions, including questions of management;
  8. Performance: to focus on delivering superior performance, by being proactive, maintaining the tempo of decision making and always thinking about improving the results of work activities;
  9. Reward: to exercise continuous thinking and good judgement, to be invaluable to Energean.


Beyond words and my thoughts I have asked HR to conduct a survey to see how you feel, how we are doing on this very important matter, what can we do to improve and ensure that we isolate and eliminate any unacceptable behaviour in the organization.


I look forward to continuing to improve our work environment.


Stay safe and look after each other.