Community Involvement

Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is essential to Energean.

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In addition to the expectations of stakeholders, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a fundamental guiding principle of how we run our business.


We believe that striving for the best possible CSR helps us to manage risks and fully capitalise on the opportunities presented to us in a changing world.


The objective of Energean Oil & Gas is to generate sustainable prosperity through its business operations.


We are therefore committed to conducting our operations responsibly, which means;


-Safeguarding the health and safety of our employees.


-Caring for the environment.


-Supporting local communities.


-Meeting expectations and needs


-Contributing to the sustainable development of those communities

Our CSR policy is rooted in our company values, guided by international standards and best practices, and driven by our aspiration for excellence in every area of our business.

Our Chief Executive is ultimately accountable for our CSR, supported by our CSR Team. The Company’s Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for reviewing and approving the CSR strategy of Energean Oil & Gas and for monitoring our progress in achieving sustainability objectives through regular performance reviews and reporting.

All business units of Energean Oil & Gas are accountable for developing and implementing the Company’s CSR strategy and, where appropriate, our progress against our targets is independently assured.

It is also our top priority to operate in a manner that is compliant with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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