Block 2



Energean is the Operator and has a 75% block 2, at the Ionian Sea, Greece. Helleniq Energy owns the remaining 25% Working Interest.

In November 2022, Energean completed successfully a 3D seismic survey. Processing and interpretation will follow.

75.00% W.I.
2.20k km 3D acquired


The Environmental Action Plan (EAP) regarding the seismic acquisition in Block 2 has been submitted to the Greek Directorate of Environmental Permitting by Total E&P Greece, which was the Operator of the licence at the time of submission. The Directorate granted approval in June 2021. In the meantime, Energean became the Operator of the licence.

The complete EAP can be found here

Below you can find information about the Environmental Unit that has been structured for the specific project:

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