The CEO's blog, 7/10/20

Golden Dawn verdict: a historic moment for Democracy and Justice

Dear Energizers


A historic verdict was passed on October 7th by the Greek Courts on Golden Dawn, the former parliamentary fascist party, it’s leaders, former MPs and party members that where found guilty for a series of assassinations and assaults.

In addition Golden Dawn was indicted as a criminal organization in what I consider to be a huge  victory of democracy over fascism, a victory of freedom of speech over fear in a case that has been at the epicentre of politics, public opinion, and media interest for almost eight years.

It is a decision that defines another moment of pride in Greece's 4,000-year history! 

Greece was one of the countries that suffered the most from Nazism during World World II and the 5-year occupation that followed, not only on the battlefields, through the every-day practice of executions, torture and imprisonment, or during the fight o the Greek Resistance movement against the invaders, but also through the Holocaust, which almost annihilated the entire Jewish community in the country.  

Greek people sent a powerful message of "Never again!" by not allowing the Golden Dawn party to be re-elected to the Greek Parliament in the last national elections, held a year ago. Now, Greek justice has just sent an even louder "Never again!", making it clear that in modern societies there is room to everyone, provided that they respect the law, their fellow citizens, diversity and opposing beliefs.

October 7th should be marked as the anniversary of a new victory against Nazism by the civilized World; a day that signals hope for a better world for our children; a day that makes everyone in Energean take pride in the company's ETHOS of no tolerance to any sort of exclusion due to race, gender, nationality, or religion.

No matter how far we evolve in the future, Energean's top mission and goal will always be to ensure that these values will continue to be part of our culture, as well as our everyday operations and personal lives.

Thank you to Greek Justice in which we trust.