On duty and socially responsible

How the Energean Wave transported a patient from Thasos to Kavala in harsh conditions.

When strong south winds blow in the Gulf of Kavala, it is always challenging for captains and boats to do their jobs. But the life of a fellow citizen is of paramount importance for anyone in Energean!




It was one of those nights around Sunday around midnight at Prinos, when Konstantinos Dermentzoglou, captain of “Energean Wave”, received a call by the authorities of the Port of Kavala.



There was un urgent need for the transportation of an 84-year old resident of Prinos, in Thasos island, who was suffering from a heart ache.



The captain notified Nikos Vogiatzis, Marine Coordinator at Energean Kavala, who gave the green light for the operation: Energean Wave should carry the nightshift at the Prinos platforms, then leave immediately to Thasos to get the patient, return to the platforms to pick the workers that have ended their duty and return as soon as possible to Kavala.



Everything should be coordinated effectively and safely, in the harshest of conditions as winds would reach 25 knots. It was not the first time for the captain and the crew of Energean Wave, so they knew exactly how to deal with the situation.



Everything went well, the patient along with his daughter and doctor arrived safely at the port of Kavala a few minutes after 1.00 AM on Monday morning.



The Energean Wave crew and the workers were more than happy to have been part of one more contribution to the local society.

Congrats to all involved, keep up the good work!