South Kavala

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Energean is the Operator in the South Kavala licence, Northern Greece, where has a 100 per cent working interest.

Gas from the South Kavala field is produced periodically and used for Energean's facilities needs in Kavala.

The remaining gas reserves are approximately 2.6 Bcf.

The depleted field is suitable to be converted into an Underground Gas Storage (UGS) linked to the TAP pipeline that will transport gas 2 km from Energean’s onshore processing plant.

The annual volume throughput is estimated at 360 million Nm3 or 720 million Nm3 for one or two cycles per year, respectively.

The maximum daily extraction rate and natural gas injection rate in the National Natural Gas Transmission System is estimated at 4 million Nm3/d.

The maximum daily injection rate of the Underground Gas Storage with Natural Gas, is estimated at 5 million Nm3/d.


860.00 mmcm2 produced
720.00 mmnm3/year expected UGS throughput


The South Kavala Field was discovered in 1972, during the same initial exploration campaign that established the main Prinos Oil Field and Zeta. The structure was confirmed by 6 more exploration and appraisal wells. It was developed in parallel to Prinos as a remote satellite well during the period 1979-1980. Since then, two producing wells have been active, with an average total depth of 2,050 metres.

A single well jacket was installed and linked back to Prinos with a 12” pipeline. South Kavala contained approximately 1 BCM of sweet, lean gas. It was developed to supply fuel gas to Prinos and the onshore plant. In the 1990s wellhead compression was added to the jacket to maintain production.

On 1 July 2011, Energean submitted an application for a permit license for the installation of the storage facility and the conversion of the almost depleted field into a UGS to the Regulatory Authority of Energy (RAE).