North El Amriya and North Idku

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The NEA and NI concessions are both 100% owned by Energean and whilst operated through separate 50/50 JV companies they both fall under the overall management of Abu Qir Petroleum.

NEA contains two discovered and appraised gas fields (Yazzi and Python). NI – which is split into northern 21 and southern areas – contains four discovered gas fields, one of which is readied for development. Both areas contain additional mapped but undrilled prospects. 

These fields were developed in 2023 as satellite fields to the Abu Qir gas-condensate offshore and onshore infrastructure. Multiple wells were completed and tied back to the North Abu Qir III platform. Production commenced December 2023.


26.00 mmboe W.I. 2P reserves
87.00% GAS

Fields information and history

Python and Yazzi Fields in North El Amryia Concession were discovered by RWE in 2010 & 2011 through the Exploratory Wells NEA_3X & NEA_4X, respectively.

The Fields will produce gas and condensate from the BKES and Abu Madi Formations. 

The PSC expires on December 31, 2039. Reserves were projected to the end of the license or to an economic limit, whichever occurs first.

NI-Block A Field A was discovered By RWE in 1999 through the Exploratory Well NI_1X and is expected to produce gas from the BKES Formation. NI-Block B was discovered in 1999 Through 2 Exploratory wells NI_2X and NI_4X

Development of NI-Bloc B will be subject to evaluation in the forthcoming period.

North Idku PSC expires on December 31, 2039.