The CEO's blog, 24/11/20

Speaking with the young, speaking with the future

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Dear Energizers,



Last Friday I made a presentation to MSc Students at the University of Piraeus, Greece. (Thank you to Professor Yannis Maniatis, a man who has substantially contributed to the rebirth of the hydrocarbon sector in Greece, for organizing the session).


As well as introducing them to Energean, we discussed issues relating to the energy market, the carbon-free future, and some general lessons I’ve learnt from my business career.


It was a very pleasurable discussion, and an encouraging one.  I may have learnt as much in those two hours as they did. I was struck, as I often am when speaking to young people, of how much more knowledgeable they are then I was at their age. Their questions were tough, but they listened with an open mind to my answers.

I believe that the next generation is far better prepared to take over than we may think. They focus on what they are doing, set goals and priorities and select paths to follow, but at the same time they are flexible and open to change if they discover they are destined for a different journey. They are keen to learn more and not afraid to challenge the received wisdom should they not get satisfactory answers to their questions.

Overall, they proved to be open to new ideas. I tried to convey the message that the oil & gas industry can play a key role in helping the world transition to a low-carbon future provided that the industry is concentrated around committed, responsible and sustainability-focused operators. 

Speaking to the next generation about the issues facing the world today, specifically climate change and the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, reminds me of the responsibility we carry, a responsibility to be part of the transition to a greener future – and that responsibility underpins the Energean ethos.