Care for our colleagues during the pandemic

The welfare of employees has been of utmost importance during 2020’s pandemic outbreak.

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From the very beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Energean started taking measures to protect our employees, including limitations on business travel, and adopting remote working gradually to all countries we have presence, ensuring that no jobs were lost due to the pandemic.


All these measures were well received by employees and this was depicted in the Employee Survey conducted in May reflecting our Company’s response on COVID-19 issues.


95% of the people who worked fully remotely across all regions have expressed their satisfaction with this measure. Some of the main reasons, apart from their safety, were the time saved from commuting to/from work and the better work life balance. 

As a result, the Senior Management has embraced remote work as an effective means of work in Energean.

Additionally, a variety of measures have been taken in order to provide a safe working environment for those who want or need to be on site, above and beyond the governmental COVID guidelines. For example, installing protective screens and air purifiers at all offices, permanent anti-viral treatment for all surfaces and regular disinfection services to all offices, COVID-19 tests etc. 

To improve the employee welfare, we are adjusting the employee benefits, like:

  • Employee Assistance Program: Expected to be rolled out by the end of the year, the EAP will provide psychological support on various issues via accredited counsellors.
  • Private medical insurance: Energean is extending the private medical health care insurance to include Israel, were there is a growing workforce.
  • Cycle to work scheme: Another scheme we are rolling out to the United Kingdom employees enabling them to a more environmentally friendly commute and safer from COVID.

On top of that, Energean’s CSR Department introduced activities that protect both the physical and the psychological health of employees and their families. A new initiative, when the first lockdown was imposed, was the online workout sessions. The whole concept is to give our colleagues the opportunity to work-out live, from the comfort of their homes, since the COVID-19 pandemic restricted civilians’ movement and imposed country lockdowns. By urging our colleagues to stay home safe but at the same time to stay fit and active, the CSR Department booked on-line work-out classes with two professional personal trainers and group fitness instructors. Therefore, during the lockdown all Energean employees and their families had (and still have) the change to practice live with their colleagues and maintain physical and mental health.