An ageing field becoming green

The Prinos field, North Aegean Sea, Greece, has been producing hydrocarbons since 1981 with an excellent HSE record. This year, Prinos becomes 40 year-old but, most important, it becomes green!

Dasylio Beach and the Prinos platforms .jpg


Is that possible? YES IT IS! Dasilio is a beach a few kilometres away from the Prinos platforms. Dasilio has been repeatedly awarded a Blue Flag, proving that hydrocarbon production can co-exist in harmony with the environment.


But there is more: in October 2020, we agreed with the Public Power Corporation of Greece to source 100% of electricity for the Prinos area assets from renewable sources to deliver a 100% reduction in Scope 2 carbon emissions at Prinos and an approximately 45% reduction of Scope 1 & 2 emissions.


We manage to save more than 30,000 kg of CO2 every year, but the story "Prinos becomes greener" does not end here. Our longer-term net-zero plan involves blue hydrogen & carbon capture storage and utilisation . So, stay tuned!