The CEO's blog, 1/3/2021

Diversity & inclusivity will be to 2021 what climate change was to 2020


Dear Energizers, 



There are numerous days celebrated during the year that are meant to raise awareness and make us all think about our culture, values and way we conduct ourselves in life.  Today I chose to write to all of you as the “Zero Discrimination Day” which is celebrated today holds a special place for Energean and me personally.



If 2020 was the year that finally saw the issue of climate change real explode in the public consciousness, leading to a significant impact on corporate behaviour and among society in general, I expect 2021 to be the year that diversity and inclusivity become central in everyday conversations in Boardrooms across the globe.

UNAIDS, 2021 Zero DiscrImination Day "END INEQUALITIES"


Energean was the first E&P Company in the world to commit to a Net Zero Strategy by 2050 so the pressure on our sector found us well prepared.  The same is happening today with Diversity and Inclusivity.  Energean is not responding to pressures from the market, we are prepared and bringing change because this is in our DNA, values and Ethos. We have been promoting human rights at work as they are defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and have committed to the UNs Global Compact regulations regarding human rights and labour.  

We have been offering equal opportunities and recruiting on a merit-based evaluation system with a culture of inclusivity from the day Energean was born back in 2007, when we started with only one employee and our first office above a kindergarden in Athens, all the way to today and our position as the largest E&P company listed on the LSE.

I expect in 2021 to see companies take meaningful action to substantiate their ESG commitments regarding diversity and inclusion, alongside the increased focus on the environment, to drive real organisational change. The need for improvement is clear; only three FTSE100 companies disclose their BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) pay gap and only nine report on BAME representation at senior management level. (Source: Tortoise Media)

I want everyone at Energean to be included, to be respected and be treated fairly, to have the right to voice their opinion without being afraid and to have the opportunity to grow in the organization based on their performance, commitment and results and not their gender, sexual preference, skin colour or religion. 

This is not just the right thing to do; it is good business practice helping to protect and enhance our reputation, establish partnerships and attract and retain the best talent.

Please all join me today in thinking about how we can include each other in our day- to-day business and through the diverse organization we have built across 9 countries of operation and 18 different nationalities, so we can learn from each other’s cultures, respect all individuals and make Energean a better place to work for all of us.