Katerina Sardi fights for positive support for gas at the Delphi Forum

Katerina Sardi fights for positive support for gas at the Delphi Forum

Dr Katerina Sardi, Energean’s Greece Country Manager argued at the Delphi Forum that It is vital that we see more positive support for gas from the EU. Domestically produced gas can and should provide sustainable, affordable, reliable energy.

We have to recognise that the world is now different to when our current energy and environmental & energy policy was devised. The core foundations of cheap and secure Russian gas, global peace and stability are no longer viable.

This is not an argument against green energy. Low or no carbon energy needs support to reach a level where green electrons can replace blue molecules as fast as possible. However, given the fundamental change described above, we have to recognise that we need new sources of gas today, as green energy was planned to replace Russian gas in the 2030s and 40s, not 2024.

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Energean has proven how to do it. We have been committed and effective, discovering, developing and producing new resources across the Mediterranean, creating affordable energy security and displacing dirtier fuels such as lignite and heavy fuel oil.


We now also have the Prinos CO2 Storage project, a solution for the decarbonisation of heavy industry which is vital for the Greek economic & industrial dynamic. One only need look at the UK or Germany, where heavy industry has been drastically cut, with thousands of jobs lost, to understand the potentially negative socio-economic consequences.


The East Mediterranean can play a key role in energy security for Europe. The East Mediterranean Gas Forum will play an important role in spreading new and cleaner technologies in the region – if there is the policy encouragement from Brussels and Member State capitals that will incentivise purely commercial investment.


We know that we can provide secure, affordable and sustainable energy, if we are permitted and encouraged to do so and in parallel use our knowhow of the subsurface to support the hard-to-abate industry with CO2 storage .


We are ready to support the socio-economic health and wealth of Europe. We just need to be told that our support is welcome.