Workplace, Health and Safety

Energean is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all individuals potentially affected by the Company’s activities, including employees, contractors and the general public. 

We have established a comprehensive and integrated Health and Safety Management System (H&S MS) aligned with the requirements of international standards and European safety directives.

We are committed to the implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of our H&S MS and aim to achieve accreditation for international safety standards and best practices.

HSE infographic.png




Our H&S MS is based on tried and tested, internationally recognised best practices in managing H&S risks in the E&P industry, structured around a classic ‘Plan-Do-Assess-Adjust’ cycle.



By implementing this structure we seek to ensure that we:



-Understand all hazards associated with our operations;



-Undertake activities to manage those hazards and minimise the risk levels;



-Measure the effectiveness of our HSE performance; 



-Adjust our plans and procedures in response to those assessments

The Company believes that protecting the environment and the health and safety of our staff is a key factor in the overall success of our business.

Our internal environmental, health and safety policies are aimed at:

  • Ensuring healthy working conditions within an environment of complete security for employees and contractors.
  • Maintaining a system of operating practices that minimise pollution.
  • Implementing operating standards that are legally and ethically compatible.
  • Strengthening the Company’s reputation as an environmentally sensitive operator.
  • Promoting and validating exemplary Corporate Social Responsibility.

Download our HSE declaration