Hof HaCarmel first Blue Flag beach

Our long tradition in the Mediterranean continues! We are proud of our collaboration with the Council of Hof HaCarmel in Israel which resulted in the award of a Blue Flag, the first for a beach in the region.

The Blue Flag was raised on June 30 this week in Neve Yam beach and marked the completion of a year long project and successful collaboration between the council of Hof HaCarmel and Energean,

The goal has been to improve the quality and services provided to the residents and visitors of Neve Yam beach.

Asif Itzak, Mayor of Hof HaCarmel, stated: “We have the longest and most beautiful coast line in Israel - about 40 km long, with Neve Yam now turning into the first Blue Flag awarded beach.

The Blue Flag marks the big investment in facilities, monitoring of the water quality, connection to the community through education and sports activities - and more”. 

Shaul Zemach, Energean's Country Manager in Israel, stated: “We congratulate Hof HaCarmel Regional Council. for the successful result of our collaboration. Neve Yam beach is now joining a long list of high standard beaches around the world.

Involvement with the local communities and support for environmental and community projects are part of Energean’s policy and legacy everywhere it operates in the world; we shall maintain the open dialogue and partnership with the Council and its people”.

During the ceremony, a special flotilla was led by sailors from the local community to celebrate the event.

The ceremony was also attended by the Deputy Hof HaCarmel Council Kobi Zitter, Counsil officials, elected leaders and local residents.