Energean recognises the importance of understanding the impact of its activities on the environment and we are therefore working to continually improve our Environmental Management System, which have been certified for BS EN ISO 14001: 2015. Our aim is to achieve accreditation for international environmental standards and best practices.

Our environmental responsibilities are addressed throughout the value chain and we are constantly investing in ways to reduce our carbon footprint and waste, as well as enhance our energy and water efficiency. Environmental protection is a top priority and we are committed to ensuring that all necessary measures are being taken to minimise the possibilities of any environmental impact.

Additionally, management and staff are committed to vigorous supervision and the implementation of applicable Greek and European legislation.

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Caring for Mother Earth!


The processing unit Energean uses to separate the oil and gas from water meets internationally recognised MARPOL 73/78 regulations.


Energean’s maritime installations are connected via pipelines to the Company’s onshore facilities at Nea Karvali, where hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is removed from the oil and gas. 


A separate unit converts H2S into liquid sulphur/brimstone, which can be used by other industries, such the phosphorous fertiliser sector. The unit is powered by natural gas and the resulting solid and liquid waste is carefully processed and securely disposed of.


Emissions are limited to sulphur dioxide (SO2) at a rate of less than 1 tonne per day. Concentrations of sulphur in the air in the Prefecture of Kavala and Thassos Island measured by 12 regional stations never exceed 0.1mg SO2 per day, per 100 square centimetres of soil surface. This is well below the 0.5mg level which is generally considered to be acceptable.

Our message for 2018 International Mother Earth Day demonstrates our commitment!

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Oil, tourism and environment co-exist in harmony


Since 2009, we have invested more than US$400 million in the Prinos oil field in the Gulf of Kavala.


Our track record of zero environmental incidents during Energean’s operations in the Gulf demonstrates that heavy industry can be compatible with both the natural environment and the activities of local communities. 


Every year, more than ten blue flags are awarded to beaches surrounding the Gulf of Kavala and hundreds of thousands of visitors visit the island of Thasos, close to where Energean operates its Prinos oil field in Eastern Macedonia, Northern Greece.

All Energean Oil & Gas employees are encouraged to act in an environmentally responsible manner and training is provided by the Company to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Top Priority is given to:

  • Safety of personnel
  • Protection of the environment
  • Safety of facilities

Emergency response procedures

The Company has developed and tested emergency response procedures for handling specific incidents such as oil spills, pipeline and tanker leaks and non-controlled abnormalities of the production platforms.

Staff are regularly given comprehensive training on how to respond in the event of an emergency and all our facilities are fully equipped with the necessary technology and tools to combat incidents such as those outlines above.

So far, Energean has never had to put its emergency response procedures into practice, which demonstrates the effectiveness of our safety and environmental systems. However we remain ready to act in the unlikely event of an accident.