Saving a human life in the island of Thassos!

A human life is priceless. By reading the story below, you will understand why in Energean we are proud of our employees and the values they believe in...

Energean Wave Crew Honour.jpg


Friday, March 29, was a cold, stormy night in the Gulf of Kavala. A fellow citizen, living in the Island of Thassos, suffered a heart attack and needed to be immediately transported to the general hospital of Kavala. No sea transportation active at that time, no private boat would dare go out to the open sea against the strong winds and the huge waves.



The local authorities inform Energean and the decision is made: "Energean Wave" departs from Kavala to Thassos and Captain Moises Kalafates, Lieutenant Giorgos Rorras, the Engineers Sotiris Ipsilantes and Daniel Kokkalas and the Sailors Antonis Antoniades, Evgenios Vionidis and Pavlos Charalampides, under the supervision of Energean's Marine Coordinator Nikos Vogiatzis, have a very difficult mission to accomplish.






The life of a fellow citizen was saved thanks to the sense of duty, the responsibility, the courage and the skills of our colleagues. We are really proud of them!

Dimitris Gontikas, VP and Managing Director of Energean in Greece, and Kostas Ioannides, Installations Manager in Kavala, awarded plaques to our colleagues in honour of their great accomplishment.