World Environment Day

WE CARE! And this is why we celebrated World Environment Day by cleaning the seabed of "Apostolos Pavlos", the Main Port of Kavala, a city that is located a few miles away from Energean's Prinos producing oil field.

The 5th of June was a bright sunny day in Kavala, North Eastern Greece. This has helped Energean’s divers alongside with volunteer divers to dive for a good purpose: to clean the seabed of “Apostolos Pavlos”.

With the support of Energean’s vessels “Energean Wave” and “Skala Prinos” and with dozens of citizens watching, the divers managed to locate and drag from a the seabed all kinds of old materials which cause marine pollution: tyres, chairs, tables, parking cones, super market baskets, iron tools, ropes, cds and many other things -among them an old bicycle!


It is really a shame that all this stuff ended up on the seabed of a port which is located in a Gulf the beaches of which have been steadily receiving more than ten blue flags every year and an area which hosts more than 2 million visitors annually.

Among the divers were Mrs.Ilia Rigas, Energean’s Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Department, and Yoram Lacs, Head of Security of Energean Israel.

Energean is grateful to the divers Stelios Kalianiotis, Christoforos Kyriakidis, Dimitris Efstratiou, Thanasis Karetsos, Stelios Chasparis, Nikos Vaiopoulos, Giorgos Filippidis, Nikos Miliadis, Sotiris Tsapanidis and Prodromos Apostolidis for their efforts which lasted for more than two hours.

Earlier in the day, Energean had offered informative lectures to Grammar School students from Kavala. Georgios Sileos, Oceanographer and Professor at Democritus University of Thrace spoke on the topic of “The Marine Environment and why  we have to protect it”. Panagiotis Karatokis, Energean’s Environment Engineer spoke on the topic of “What is recycling and how can we do it?”

To honour World Environment Day, Energean also decided to change its logo for the 5th of June. In all internal and external communication, the Company and its employees used a logo with a dolphin above Energean’s name.



WE CARE and we really enjoyed this very special day!