We urge you to support "WheelPower"

We were more than happy to participate and support the initiative taken by a group of Business students in the University of Bath which decided to support the "Wheelpower" charity.

A group of Business students in the University of Bath, as part of their Social Entrepreneurship Action project, decided to raise funds and increase awareness through a social event for charity reasons.

They have chosen to support a charity called “WheelPower”, which is a British charity for wheelchair sports. “WheelPower” aims to provide opportunities for disabled people to play sports and to lead healthy and active lives.



The University of Bath students decided to host a Wheelchair Basketball Event on their University Campus which took place on the 13th and 14th of November 2018.



Their target was to raise £1000 Pounds, in order to help athletes with disabilities to play the sport they love, since it is extremely costly for wheelchair basketball to be played even at a recreational level.



Energean supported the event and the student’s initiative! It was an event that raises awareness of the difficulties that people with disabilities have to face every day and our company’s philosophy is in line with such actions!

And guess what! They have managed to attract 152 people competing in the wheelchair basketball!


We urge you to support this charity and the causes of “WheelPower” by entering the fundraising platform below:


 Any donation, large or small, would contribute towards a great cause!