"We all can, we all care": initiatives for persons with disabilities

Energean decided to honour the International Day of persons with disabilities, which is celebrated on December 3rd, through four initiatives

More specifically, Energean is organizing a basketball game between Energean – Kavala BC, a basketball team competing in the 2018-2019 A2 Basketball League Championship, and Friends with A.O. Kavala Wheelchair Basketball Club. The game will take place on December 19, in the city of Kavala, Eastern Macedonia, Greece, where Energean’s Prinos producing assets are located.

Energean CEO Mr. Mathios Rigas along with other Company officials, will participate in the game using wheel chairs. All proceeds will be donated to A.O. Kavala Wheelchair Basketball Club.

Etgarim 1.jpg

In Israel, Energean donated by way of purchasing tickets Etgarim (Hebrew for “Challenges”), a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment and social integration of people with disabilities through outdoor sports.



Etgarim holded their Annual Event on December 11th. The evening’s entire proceeds will serve as contribution to the NGO for the purpose of rehabilitation of disabled children and adults through outdoor sports.



Also, Energean established a crowdfunding the proceeds of which will be allocated towards the needs of the School of Special Vocational Education and Training of Kavala (the Kavala EEEEK), at Nea Karvali, Kavala, Greece.



The fundraising purpose is the creation of a multi-sensory room for students in the autism spectrum, as well as for children with learning difficulties, hyperactivity or other disorders in their neurological development.



The room is called Snoezelen Therapy Room - Room of Multi-Sensory Treatment.

Finally in Ileia, Western Greece, an area in which Energean’ s Katakolo oil field is located, the Company has made a donation to the Association of Paraplegics and Disabled People in the Ileia Prefecture, a foundation Energean has been collaborating with and supporting steadily.

Μrs. Ilia Rigas, Energean Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, stated:

“By implementing these initiatives, we aim to raise awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 10: Reduced inequalities, and of the difficulties our fellow citizens with disabilities face in their daily lives. Through our slogan “We all can, we all care” we would like to convey the message that living with a disability should not prevent anyone from living a full life, and also urge everyone to fight against the social exclusion of persons with disabilities.”