Voluntary cleaning of Rapsani Beach in the Gulf of Kavala

Energean participated in an initiative organized by the Municipality of Kavala, East Macedonia, Greece. The mission was to clean the Rapsani beach, which is adjacent to the center of the city.

On June 28th 2018, Energean participated in the voluntary cleaning of Rapsani Beach.

Our company, responded to the challenge of the Municipality of Kavala regarding the voluntary cleaning of Rapsani Beach, which is located walking distance from the Kavala’s center. Urged by the Corporate Social Responsibility Department, several Energean employees from Athens, Kavala and the Energean Force drilling rig, participated in the beach cleaning, sending a new message for "clean seas and shores".


It is an action following the cleaning of the seabed of Kavala’s Main Port "Apostolos Pavlos" on June 5th, which was held in honor of the World Environment Day. It constitutes another tangible proof that Energean and its employees really care for clean seas and beaches everywhere we operate.


We promise that similar actions by Energean will continue, covering any area we operate in!