Energean - Bodossaki Foundation Joint scholarships

Energean and the Bodossaki Foundation have decided to join forces in an initiative that will contribute to providing the next generation of energy sector professionals with advanced skills. In particular, they will be granting scholarships to Greek university graduates to enroll in master's and doctorate programmes related to the energy sector in European and U.S. universities.


The collaboration between Energean and the Bodossaki Foundation commences with the awarding of five scholarships for the academic year 2019-2020 to Greek honours graduates. The five scholarship recipients are:

  1. Prodromos Nikolaides holds a Bachelor's degree from the School of Geology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has opted for  the two-year MSc in Earth Sciences at ETH Zurich, in the field of  Mineralogy and Geochemistry.
  2. Elias Panagiotou holds a  Bachelor's degree from the School of Geology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has selected the two-year MSc in Petroleum Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.
  3. Eleni Grammenou is a graduand of the School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens. She is embarking on a three- to four-year PhD at UCL in the field of Biomass Conversion.
  4. Anna - Lali Tsilidou holds a Bachelor's degree from the School the Department of Accounting and Finance, Business Administration School, University of Macedonia. She will attend a two-year MBA course at Columbia University,S.A.
  5. Angeliki Tsolaki is a graduate of  the Department of Environmental Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace. In 2018-2019 she began attending  a postgraduate programme in Management, Technology and Economics in ETH Zurich and has one academic year to go. 


The five scholars were selected based on their performance in their undergraduate studies, their drive to expand their knowledge and their focus on the value of excellence in their professional, social, and personal life.   

Mrs. Dimitra Filippou, Head of Development at the Bodossaki Foundation, stated: "The Bodossaki Foundation consistently invests in education, research, and scientific excellence. Until today, the Foundation has granted more than 2,500 scholarships to assist honour students, graduands or graduates in embarking on postgraduate studies in the scientific field of their choice, both in Greece and abroad. Our collaboration with Energean allows us to award a further five scholarships to young Greek honours graduates and give them the opportunity to realize their dreams in an important sector such as energy. I am certain that Energean's example can be followed by other companies, which will endorse the outstanding model of awarding scholarships implemented by the Bodossaki Foundation for decades, and promote the excellence and abilities of young Greek scientists around the world".

Mrs. Ilia Rigas, Energean's Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, stated: "We are really glad to collaborate with the Bodossaki Foundation and we are sure that this collaboration will expand further in the future. Moreover, we are proud of the fact that through this collaboration, young people are given the option of fulfilling their dreams and acquiring the highest possible level of skills a career in the energy sector. It's an extremely demanding sector, especially as we have entered the energy transition era and the vision of sustainable development dominates society and the economy. Energean has adopted this culture and operates in compliance with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, among which the Goals for Quality in Education and for Collaboration on the Achievement of the Goals are goals that the specific collaboration serves. We are keen to watch our scholars progress and we wish them the utmost success".