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Sotiris Pavlakis, Offshore Operation Superintendent

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“I work for the company since 2002. I organize and coordinate all the activities of the Offshore Operations Department and all the maintenance works that take place in the cluster of Prinos platforms. As a chemical engineer, I also educate and instigate the personnel on issues of operation, safety of installations and protection of environment.

I believe my hardest daily work is the safe operation of the platforms, the protection of personnel and the protection of the marine environment of Prinos platforms in the environmentally sensitive Kavala Gulf.”

Vassilis Tomos, Well Interventions & Production Superintendent

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“While I was pursuing my first degree in Mineral Resources Engineering I decided that I had to work in the upstream oil sector. For that reason I continued my studies at Heriot Watt University to obtain my Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering.

After I joined the company in Kavala, back in May 2003, I spent a lot of time working offshore in various well interventions and production optimization projects, while promoting safety culture for the people and the installations. Since July 2006, I work as Well Interventions and Production Superintendent, stand by 24/7, but my training continued. In fact, the training is never over, we learn something every day.

Teamwork is also an important part of my job. I work with colleagues from various disciplines and service companies around the globe. After all, people make the difference!”

Nikolas Karanasos, Onshore Operation Superintendent

Nikolas karanasos

“I have been employed by the company in Kavala since January of 2004, having the great opportunity to serve this company from different positions, firstly as Process Chemist, later as Operations Supervisor and now as Operations Superintendent. Being responsible for products and processes in Onshore facilities, my day-to-day duties range from maintaining and optimizing process capacity and operating conditions to identifying energy saving opportunities in the plant.

From my early years in this job I realized that the cornerstone of an operational excellence is the strong commitment of all people to process safety. That’s why, along with all my subordinates in the department, we have focused on improving and maintaining an unyielding safety culture, always trying to achieve the highest standards of process safety performance.”

Paschalia Kiomourtzi, Senior Geologist

People - Paschalia Kiomourtzi - Senior Geologist

“I have been working in the Oil & Gas industry since 2000. I have graduated the Geological Department of Patra’s University and then entered the petroleum industry starting from the company as Production Geologist and moved to Energean as Senior Geologist. As a member of the G&G team, I am involved in projects exploring and evaluating new prospective areas in Greece and abroad. Also, I am in charge of all the new wells in Prinos area, from the geological perspective, including planning, operations and evaluation.

Although working on the rig is challenging, the experience of operating on every rig that drilled wells in Prinos Basin during the last 15 years is fulfilling and never ceases my enthusiasm upon the successful completion of each project”.

Artemis Barmpounis, Well Site Engineer


“I joined Energean Oil & Gas in 2013, right after completing my postgraduate studies at the Technical University of Kavala and obtaining an MSc. in Petroleum Engineering. Although it is my second time as part of a drilling team in Prinos, the fact that we are now operating the very first, and our very own Greek drilling tender, is an experience I have looked forward to ever since I was an undergraduate student. Achieving goals, both on a personal and corporate level, gives me an immense satisfaction as we are moving forward with increasing the sole oil production in Greece.

From the first goal, which was the complete dry dock maintenance of the vessel in Perama, up until now, I aim at excelling at my job so as to provide the best possible results, achieve personal growth as a young professional in the oil industry, and have the optimal arsenal for participating in future exploitation projects in Greece’s available reservoirs”.

Halina Dana, Production Technologist

Halina Dana

“I’m a Chemical Engineer from Venezuela where I started my career as Chemical-Production Engineer in the National Oil Company PDVSA. I’ve been working in Energean since 2008, my role is focused in production optimization, flow assurance, well interventions and production surveillance-allocation database.

I enjoy going offshore to interact in real time daily operations rather than desk monitoring, and I feel joyful to make an impact to the Company through the well interventions proposed to optimize production.

The working experience is challenging as I’m the only woman in the technical team but I’m lucky to work in an equal environment where my ideas are heard and implemented and where I get respect from man colleagues. Nowadays woman makes a difference in the Oil & Gas Industry by demonstrating not only organizational but technical skills”.

Lykourgos Tzardis, Campboss – D/T Energean Force


“I joined Energean Oil & Gas in 2014, right after the arrival of the Energean Force in Greece in October 2014. Taking part in the whole renovation and refurbishment works whilst in dry dock, I am responsible for the accommodation and catering on board the vessel. Having a distinguished background in hotel and restaurant operations in Greece and the UK, I was intrigued by proposition of a concept servicing a constantly fully booked floating hotel and restaurant.

Now, more than two years into a hands-on experience on the said idea, the challenges facing myself and my team may be grand but the end result of having all unique and hard-working members of the Energean Force’s crew as happy as they can be is literally priceless”.

Konstantinos Tziatzias, Medic at “Energean Force”


“I have been working as a nurse for Energean Oil & Gas since 2015, shortly before Energean Force departed for the Prinos Oil Field.

It is a great pleasure, honor and responsibility to belong to the crew of the first Greek-owned drilling tender barge, as I provide the first response to any health issues that nay arise, being the first person the crew will trust with any worries and concerns while they are away from their families.

The stream of communication with the company’s doctors is constant in to develop a treatment plan utilizing all hi-tech and low-tech equipment available to the clinic, thus providing quality healthcare miles away from the coast.

Having worked at the Hellenic Red Cross for five years, I know well that prevention is better than cure and it is really impressive to see these principles followed on an industrial facility far from the shore!”

Stephanos Psomiades, Crane Operator

Stephanos Psomiades

“I have been working at the Prinos cranes for 15 years. You have to be very cautious and patient while doing this job but in the end, the reward you get is great.

I am talking about the oil coming up, of course! I cannot wait to see it from up here, drilled after the rig has done its job.

New oil production will be of great importance, not only for our company but for our city, too. Kavala needs jobs and the more oil you produce, the more jobs are created”


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