Energean has been operating in Egypt since 2010. The company seeks opportunities to invest in country’s hydrocarbon sector and evaluates a wide range of onshore and offshore projects.

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In Q1 2016, ahead of the drilling of two exploration wells in West Kom Ombo block, Energean conducted a 2D seismic survey and acquired 400 km of data, bringing the total coverage on the block to 2,000 Km.


12.00 years of operations
5.00 exploration wells drilled

The mapped drilling location was surrounded by adjacent synclines that awere thought to contain potential mature late Paleozoic-Jurassic source rocks. 

Several additional prospects were identified within the vicinity of the Sin El Kaddab rift, indicating significant upside potential given the presence of a proven play.

In May 2017, the well Apis-1 was spudded to test the large structure within the Sin El Kaddab rift basin, with no result.

Exploration history

In West Kom Ombo (Upper Egypt), Energean acquired a block-wide high resolution aeromagnetic survey at the beginning of the second exploration phase in 2014, together with 700 km of 2D seismic data, and drilled two wells during the first and second exploration period (2010-2014).

The company was awarded an extension of the second exploration phase in January 2015.        

In East Magawish, (SW Gulf of Suez) Energean completed two exploration wells to test the H/C potential of the fractured Basement and Belayim reservoirs. In 2012,  EM-1 well was drilled at 4,114 metres and EM-1 ST-1was drilled at 4,130 meters a year later, with no result.

Both were ERD and drilled from onshore to offshore in an environmentally sensitive area, close to the tourist resort El Guna.