Our Approach

Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is essential to Energean Oil & Gas. Whilst we run our business in line with the expectations of our stakeholders, we also see Corporate Responsibility as a discipline that helps us to manage risks and maximize on the opportunities presented to us in a changing world.

The company’s objective is to generate sustainable prosperity through its business operations.

Therefore we are committed to conducting our business responsibly, which means safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, caring for our environment, supporting the local communities in which we operate, meeting their expectations and needs and contributing to the sustainable development of those communities.

Our Social Responsibility Policy is rooted in our company values, guided by international standards and best practices, and driven by our aspiration for excellence in the overall performance of our business. Through the efforts of each of our employees, Energean is determined to take pride in being responsible, respected, and welcomed.

The Chief Executive assumes ultimate accountability for Corporate Social Responsibility supported by the CSR Team. The Company’s Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for reviewing and approving the CSR strategy and monitoring the achievement of sustainability objectives through reviewing regular performance reporting. All business units are accountable for developing and driving implementation of the Company’s CSR Strategy and targets structured under this policy.

Progress against our CSR strategy is independently assured where appropriate.

Pillars and Priorities

We focus our CSR activities in the following key impact areas:

Corporate Governance

Energean is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance practices in order to maintain excellence in its daily operations, and to promote confidence in its governance systems.

The company aims to conduct its business in an open, honest and ethical manner.

Towards this goal, Energean documents procedures in order to evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of internal control system and risk exposures relating to governance, operations and information systems. Furthermore, the company enhances transparency through complying with applicable laws and regulations and refrains from any kind of bribes and corrupt business.

Human Capital

The company’s ability to deliver its products is dependent on a talented, engaged workforce in all of the areas and counties which operates. The company collaborates with its employees in order to build a more congenial workplace and contribute to the improvement and development of both the organization and individual employees. Furthermore, Energean promotes respect of human and labor rights, offers equal opportunities and doesn’t allow discrimination or harassment of any kind.
Energean ensures that employees are treated fairly and with dignity and consideration for their goals and aspirations and that diversity in the workplace is embraced.
Energean offers a place where people feel supported, can develop their skills and have a clear understanding of the business objectives.

Workplace Health and Safety

Energean is committed to protecting the health and safety of all individuals affected by the corporate activities, including the employees, contractors and the public. The company strives to provide a safe and healthy working environment, and will not compromise the health and safety of any individual. Energean applies the precautionary principle through implementing investments plans, providing training to its employees and promoting a positive health and safety culture. All employees are responsible and accountable for contributing to a safe working environment and for fostering safe working attitudes.

Our goal is to have no accidents and we develop Health and Safety programs for the continuous improvement of our Health and Safety Management System aiming to achieve accreditation to international standards and best practices.


Energean applies the precautionary principle, supporting international initiatives, in order to minimize its environmental impact. All employees are encouraged to act in an environmentally responsible manner while training is offered systematically by the Company for raising awareness on current and new environmental issues.
Energean recognizes the importance of understanding the impact of its activities on the environment and therefore is developing environmental programs for the continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System aiming to achieve accreditation to international standards and best practices.
Our environmental concern is addressed throughout our value chain and we make investments to reduce our carbon footprint and waste and to promote energy and water efficiency.

Community Involvement

The areas where we operate are the core of our activities. We aim to act in a socially responsible manner and seek to be a positive contributor to the local economy.

We aim to improve and maintain the well-being of all our communities. We focus on engaging strong, long – term relationships with local communities and we support our employees in volunteerism, recognizing both the benefit to the community and to the employees themselves. Our activities focus on health, education and employment and are conducted in partnership with local people, NGOs, local authorities, and other local stakeholders. We are committed to making a sustainable positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

CSR Press Releases


23/3/2017 Energean sponsors the 3rd Olympia Marathon

7//3/2017 Energean hosts professors and students from Joint Master Degree Programme at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


22/12/2016 Energean supports Thasos and Nea Karvali ahead of Christmas

6/12/2016 Energean hosts the 35th HSE Oil & Gas Cooperation Conference

28/11/2016 Εnergean hosts students from the Aristοtle University of Thessaloniki and the TEI of Central Macedonia

1/9/2016 The Kavala Fire Service thanks Energean for the restoration of its crane vehicle

25/7/2016 Energean supports the Joint Master’s Degree in Hydrocarbons Exploration and Exploitation

11/7/2016 Energean donates defibrillators to three communities in the Ioannina Prefecture

6/6/2016 Anti-pollution and safety response drill at Energean’s facilities in Kavala

26/5/2016 Firefighters train at Energean Oil & Gas facilities in Kavala

4/3/2016 Energean donates funds the Municipality of Kavala towards procuring medicines for refugees

29/1/2016 Zero accidents for another year for Energean Oil & Gas


31/8/2015 Energean supports the Firefighting Service and the Volunteer Firefighters

27/7/2015 The Gulf of Kavala is teeming with natural life

25/5/2015 Postgraduate students from the KAVALA TEI visit the Prinos platforms

22/5/2015 Energean supports the Nautical Club of Kavala

27/02/2015 Energean supports the Special School of Kavala

06/02/2015 Full safety for the employees and the environment at the Energean Oil & Gas facilities in 2014


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15/12/2014 Students from Aristotle University visit Energean in Kavala eng

27/11/2014 Energean supports the proposal for the establishment of a Petroleum Institute at Kavala

22/10/2014 Energean handles the cost of the repair of three EKAV ambulances in Kavala

02/05/2014 Offshore supply ship “Valiant Energy” will support Energean Oil & Gas new drilling program in Kavala

02/05/2014 Energean donates 100 children’s vaccines to Medecins du Monde

16/04/2014 Energean Oil & Gas donates a vehicle to NGO “Iliaktis”

14/04/2014 Energean Oil & Gas and their employees in Kavala support Medecins du Monde

04/04/2014 Energean supports the effort of the Kavala Special Secondary School

18/03/2014 Students from European universities visit the Energean facilities at Kavala

24/02/2014 Safety drill at Onshore & Offshore facility of Kavala

03/02/2014 No accidents during 2013 in Energean Oil & Gas Facilities in Kavala


09/12/2013 Large-Scale Industrial Accident Response Drill – onshore Kavala

Summarized activities