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32, Kifissias Avenue, Atrina Center
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Kavala Oil S.A., P.O. BOX 8, 64006 Nea Karvali
Kavala, Greece
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Grievance Mechanism

Grievance Mechanism Procedure

1. Scope

The procedure shall be made to consider and ensure adequate response in the complaints and appeals by the interested parties including local population affected by the Project.

2. Responsibilities

The Public Relations & Media department of the Company shall have the duty for managing and handling complaints and resorts. They will receive, register, communicate with the competent department and supervise responses on complaints and resorts of the interested parties.

3. Establishment of practical arrangements for receiving complaints and resorts

The population will be able to deliver complaints and resorts personally, by post, e-mail, web site or facsimile. Any complaint or resort may be delivered to the company at:

Energean Oil & Gas S.A., 17th floor, Atrina Center, 32 Kifissias Avenue, 151 25 Marousi, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 2108174200, fax: +30 2108174299; contact person Mr. Sotiris Chiotakis / Mrs. Alexandra Goutra.
Kavala Oil S.A., P.O. Box 8, 64006 Nea Karvali, Kavala, Greece, tel: +30 2510317201, fax: +30 2510317204; contact person Mr. Vassilis Tsetoglou.

Web site:

4. Management and timeframe for acknowledgment of the receipt of complaints and subsequent resolution

All complaints and resorts shall without any fail be registered and recorded in the book of complaints and resorts. The notice of receipt of complaint / resort and registration thereof shall be given to the sender within one week. The notice shall state the date for consideration of the complaint / resort. The responses in written shall be given to all complaints and resorts made by the interested parties within 30 days. In case the complaining party is not satisfied by the response and proposed solution, the governmental supervising agencies or court may be involved to settle the problem. The grievance mechanism shall be readily retrievable from company’s web site.

5. Reviewing and resolving grievance mechanism

The report on handling complaints and resorts shall be submitted to the Company Top Management on regular basis (at least monthly). The report shall state the essence of complaint / resort, its soundness and measures assumed.

6. Grievance management process stages

Effective complaint and resort management and handling will be ensured by following the stages below:

a. Identification of the issue
b. Registration
c. Response to stakeholder
d. Communication and request for feedback
e. Close out

7. Registration form for grievance content

The registration book shall include the following information:

a. Issue
b. Contact details of complainant
c. Responsible person / department for addressing the issue
d. Actions to be done
e. Due date
f. Proposed resolution
g. Feedback from the complainant
h. Results
i. Closing date of the issue

8. Form for complaints and resorts of individuals

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