Health Safety & Environment

Health Safety & Environment

The Energean Oil & Gas, Health Safety & Environment Management System defines the principles by which we conduct the philosophy to all employees and contractors associated with our business.

The protection of the environment is of priority importance to Energean. The management of the company is committed to ensure that all necessary measures will be applied in order to minimize the possibilities of any environmental impact.

Additionally, the management and the staff of the company are committed to vigorously supervision and the implementation of the applicable Greek and European legislation.

A strong Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) performance is a key aspect of Energean’s overall business success. There is a clear commitment to improving HS&E performance from the Board of Directors and key management.

Through Board and management commitment, the application of the Group’s HS&E policies and management systems and annually setting goals and targets, the Company strives to achieve the following ideals:

  • Provide Safe and Healthy working conditions for all employees and contractors.
  • Maintain a System for safe and pollution free operating practices, for the protection of the environment from all forms of pollution, and continuously improve the Company's performance to achieve this aim.
  • Comply with HSE Greek and European Union Legislations and Requirements.
  • Conduct business within the law and the prevailing Business Ethics.
  • Continuously improve the Company's Services, its Reputation and its employment potential.
  • Demonstrate Business Social Responsibility.